So you’ve made the decision. It’s time to put in an in ground basketball hoop. No more dunking on cheap, flimy rims and pulling the entire hoop down. You want something that will stand the test of time and hold up against your monster dunks. 

We’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of all the best in-ground hoops on the market. Every hoop on this list is a beast. They each have regulation size backboards and rims. They each have a professional look and feel. This is not a list of cheapest hoops. These are the toughest, arena-like hoops you can find for your home court. 

For convenience, we have compiled all of these hoops onto a graphic comparing features.

We have these hoops listed in no particular order. We don’t have a best or worst because as basketball hoop manufacturers, we are biased. However, because we manufacture basketball hoops, we know what is important in the development of a quality, professional basketball system. We will present the pros and cons of each system and let you decide.

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Pro Dunk Diamond

Features: This is Pro Dunks biggest, beefiest hoop. The 8” x 12” steel pole is the biggest pole on the market. This helps the hoop to be more rigid. However, much of the weight is transferred through the linkage arms, so it is not much better than similar hoops with smaller bases. The adjustment is 6’ to 10’ which is pretty standard across most professional hoop models. Another unique feature is the 5 foot overhang. This is helpful because it adds an extra foot to help move the pole away from the playing surface. Most professional in-ground hoops have a 4 foot overhang. The rim can be set at any height and Pro Dunk offers a lock if you ever need to keep it in place. The Pro Dunk warranty cover dunking and hanging, which is a huge plus. 

Cons: This pole is huge, which means it is very difficult to install. Most people need professionals to come install it. Like most hoops, the Pro Dunk Diamond has an external jack mechanism to adjust the hoop. This makes it easier to adjust, but it takes a long time. Since it’s steel, the hoop is prone to rust. Pro-Dunk offers a rust protection option, but you have to pay extra. 

Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball System

Pro Dunk Platinum

Features: The Pro Dunk platinum is similar to the Pro-Dunk Diamond. However, the base pole is 8”x 6” instead of 8” x 12”. The overhang is 4 feet rather than 5 and it’s about $300 cheaper. This is a great option for regulation play without the price tag that comes with the Diamond. It’s also easier to install than the Diamond. 

Cons: The cons of the Platinum are the same as the Diamond. The main difference between the two is the size of the pole. : DOMINATOR Goal Adjustable Height Aluminum In Ground Basketball  Hoop with Backboard and Over-Court Arm- Premium Tempered Glass Backboard… :  Sports & Outdoors

Dominator 72 XL

Features: This is the only aluminum hoop on our list. The aluminum is great because it won’t rust like steel. It looks different from other steel hoops with a silver color instead of black. This is also the only hoop with a telescoping adjustment, meaning that the backboard stays the same distance from the free throw line at every height. The Dominator hoop is the only hoop with double paned tempered glass, creating a stronger backboard that won’t rain glass down if it ever were to break. 

The hoop is much easier to assemble than other hoops and features a pivoting front anchor, so the whole hoop can be assembled on the ground and stood up in minutes. This hoop is also much lighter than all the other professional hoops. 

Another advantage is the ease of adjustment. It only takes 7 cranks to get the hoop from 7’ to 10’. The weight is countered by a spring, so it is extremely easy for a child to raise and lower the hoop.

And yes, we think it looks pretty awesome.

Cons: This is a relatively new hoop. It’s been on the market for about 7 years. That could be concerning for some, though the hoop boasts a 5 star rating on Amazon. If you prefer a black hoop, The silver aluminum might not be what you are looking for. It also only adjusts to 7 feet. 

MegaSlam XL | Outdoor Basketball Goal | Mega Slam Hoops

Megaslam XL

Features: This hoop is a monster. The base pole is 12” x 8” and is made of 5 guage steel, the thickest steel on the market. They offer a 180 degree rim that flexes side to side. The Megaslam warranty covers one broken backboard for non-play related incidents. The adjustment from 5.5’ to 10’ is great for young players. 

Cons: The only major cons of the Megaslam XL come from the difficult installation and the slow height adjustment. The steel body is prone to rust, just as other hoops, but Megaslam does offer hot-dip galvanized steel which helps with the rust. The price is also much higher than comparable hoops, due to the weight of the system. 

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Megaslam 72

Features: This hoop is a great option for those who want a regulation hoop without the giant price tag. It’s much smaller than the XL with an 8” x 6” steel body. You can upgrade to the 180 rim, but it costs extra. The pole is the same thickness as the XL and comes with the same hot dip galvanized steel. The warranty is the same and shipping is free. No wonder the hoop is so popular!

Cons: This hoop offers more than other steel hoops on the market at a comparable price. The cranking mechanism is easy to use, but is slow. The backboard adjustment doesn’t stay on the same plane when adjusting height, as opposed to the Dominator. This is a great option for your court. 

Goalsetter MVP 72" Glass In-Ground Basketball Hoop | DICK'S Sporting Goods

Goalsetter MVP

Features:  This hoop has a unique design that distinguishes it from other hoops. The height adjustment is inside the pole. They also offer a pivoting anchor system to make standing the hoop up easier. 

Cons: The hoop price can be deceiving. They charge you for add-ons like the pole pad, the backboard pads, and the rim. With these add ons, the hoop can be more expensive than you think. It also doesn’t offer some of the same features as other steel hoops. The pole is smaller, the steel is thinner, and it doesn’t go as low as other hoops. 

CV72 – Goalrilla Basketball Hoop - MSF Sports

Goalrilla DC72E1 and CV72S

Features: These hoops are pretty similar to the Megaslam and the Pro Dunk. The DC72E1 is much bigger than the CV72S. The rim connection is direct to the arm of the pole. This help weight to be transferred through the pole. They boast that one ton of weight could hang on their hoops. 

Cons: The hoops only lower to 7.5 feet. They are also much more expensive than similar hoops. The steel is thinner than other hoops as well. 

Lifetime Mammoth Bolt Down Basketball Hoop (72-Inch Tempered Glass)

Lifetime Mammoth

Features: The Mammoth lift adjustment mechanism gives you easy control over the height of your hoop by just raising and lowering the lever. This hoop is cheaper than most other professional hoops. It also doesn’t come with the same features as other professional hoops. 

Cons: This is the cheapest model for a reason. It doesn’t come with near any of the features on the other hoops. The lever can be difficult to raise and it gets more difficult over time. The pole is much smaller than other hoops. The assembly requires a ladder and can be dangerous. 

Basically when it comes down to it, most hoops are pretty similar. Some brands have beefier steel, some offer different coatings on their steel. Some offer innovative designs and some do not. Besides the Dominator hoop, all hoops on this list are steel. You can choose the features that you care most about, and make your decision.

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