Growing up, my house was the one that everyone ended up at. After school, football games, weekends, there were always kids running around. My parents loved it, and tried to make our house a place where everyone would always want to be. 

Our backyard was the best. There is something about being outside with your friends on a summer night that you really just can’t beat. When my family moved into our new house, we decided to put a basketball court outside. When we bought a hoop, my dad wanted to make sure it would be one that would be sturdy enough for all the kids to play, and look good outside. So, we went with the Dominator.

My dad could have chosen any hoop out there, but he wanted to give us kids a reason to play at home. He chose to invest in the hoop for us. Our backyard was a place I wanted to be, and my friends wanted to be as well. The basketball hoop was only a small part of it, but it represented something more. My parents loved having everyone over, and tried their best to make it a place that people would want to spend time at.  My parents got the enjoyment of having their kids around more often, and the kids got the enjoyment of the fun toys in the back. 

Giving your kids a reason to play at home will create better relationships and memories. Having your kids and their friends over can also help you get to know them more. You can see the type of people they are hanging out with and you never have to wonder what your kids are up to. Many of my friends have called my house their “second home” and have become part of our family. I enjoyed being around my friends, and spending time with my parents as well which gave us a better relationship growing up. Looking back, I’m so grateful for that extra time we got to spend together and that my parents gave me a reason to play at home! 

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